About Me

I’m 41 years old.  The love and light of my life is my 20 year old daughter.  She really is my sunshine on a rainy day.  My second love is my sweet doggie Mylo, cocker spaniel poodle, who knows me better than anyone.

I work in Construction Risk Services which is a really great job that I don’t appreciate enough because I struggle with the amount of pressure that comes along with it.   I used to think I needed to change jobs but have discovered that it was me that needed to change and now through my creative outlets I’m learning to manage the stress and frustration.

I’ve recently discovered that I do, in fact, have a creative side.  I have always loved reading and writing but I’ve turned that into some really fun art journaling and now I’m learning to paint and do other art.  I’m just starting to explore some other means of creative expression: yoga, meditation and photography.  So much fun!

I used to feel like I was simply serving time on this planet which seems so crazy now. Today I’m learning how to live a beautiful, more peaceful and rewarding life.

I’m glad you’re here

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