August Break: Day Four


Today for my birthday I treated myself to a massage at the Enjoy Center and then had lunch at the Prairie Bistro’s salad bar.  This food reminded me so much of the food we had at the retreat and how nourishing it was.  But it wasn’t just the food that was nourishing…

Nourishment is really just getting what we need.  I think we all mostly remember to nourish our bodies but often forget to nourish our minds and our spirits. At the start of yoga, Marianne would encourage us to ask our bodies what they need.  Jen reminded us countless times to ask “what do I want”.  What an interesting concept ~ to think about and actually ask myself what I want.  These things are so simple but so important.

I have some self-defeating behaviors around my birthday because  I DETEST making plans for the actual day of my birthday.  I’m not sure why, I just feel awkward about it.  And then I always feel disappointed on my birthday because I don’t have any plans which of course makes me feel sad and lonely.  Crazy … I know.

Today I woke up feeling “ugh … another stupid birthday with no plans”.  Well actually I did have something planned and that was a massage.  There were some lovely messages on facebook and texts from friends which I read over coffee and then I went down for my massage.  After the massage therapist asked me 3 times what else I was doing for my birthday, I couldn’t help but feel sad.


As I was walking away I stopped for a minute and decided to ask myself “What do I want”.  Guess what ~ from there my day improved because I remembered that I actually do enjoy spending time by myself and I actually do enjoy having quiet and time to meander.

So I started by nourishing my body because I hadn’t eaten yet today and then I nourished by soul by just walking around and enjoying the quiet as well as all of the beautiful things they have over there, it’s such a beautiful place.  I even nourished my sweet tooth, by eating the entire roll of lifesavers that I found in my purse.  I feel like the retreat taught me a multitude of little skills and introduced me to a whole support network of amazing women and if I rolled all of these up and put them in a package, I would call them life savers.  I feel nourished and I’m so grateful.

4 thoughts on “August Break: Day Four

  1. Great post! And happy birthday! AND, yay for you for practicing “conditions of enoughness” and declaring yourself satisfied with what you’re doing with August Break. I’m right with you. Posted today and when I hitting the “publish” button, realized I hadn’t posted anything the last 2 days. Oh well. We’re doing great!

  2. What a great way to spend your birthday! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who does that aroudn their birthday. This year, I’m going to try to remember to ask “what do I want” and enjoy making those plans. Going on the Creative Joy Retreat was one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. I defintiely count you as one my lifesavers too =)

  3. I just love you. I kind of over-emphasize things especially feelings for people’s genius-I find your thoughts to be pure and genius. To be able to connect with your authentic self is a gift like no other.though it’s over happy birthday- you’re dope!

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