August Break: Day Three

Oh the Places You’ll Go!

My daughter, Paige, has been the most wonderful blessing to me, the truest gift. I feel that I have learned more from her than I could ever possibly teach her. You can see her in the photo above and also on the left, she’s the one on top of the camel. She’s a ‘unique’ and she marches to the beat of her own drum. Right now she is on the tail end of a 6 month adventure where she has traveled to Jordan, Egypt, Israel, Greece, Madagascar and South Africa. Some times I feel so worried and afraid for her safety but mostly I’m just proud and filled with admiration for her determination to live life to the fullest, see the world and have all of these amazing experiences. Some people say “she is fearless” but that is not true ~ she has fears, insecurities and apprehensions … she just does it anyway. It’s because of her excellent example that I feel compelled to see more, do more, experience more and make the effort to have a life worth living.

2 thoughts on “August Break: Day Three

  1. Patty — Loved reading about your daughter! She is beautiful and clearly you had something to do with raising a wonderful, adventuresome child.

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